Installation Instructions Lyrik/Yari AWK

Please read these instructions carefully! In case of doubt do not install the AWK unit.
Improper installation may cause malfunction, resulting in serious injury or death!
Wear safety glasses and protective gloves during installation and maintenance!

Lyrik/Yari for 150-180mm travel (2016-2017, all wheel sizes)

The Lyrik/Yari AWK does not fit in Dual Position forks!

Step 1

Be sure to depressurize your Solo Air Chamber first!
Unscrew the Solo Air Top Cap as described in the Rock Shox manual.

Step 2

Remove both air valve caps from the AWK unit top cap.
Apply SRAM Butter, r.s.p. SlickKick or similar to the AWK top cap seal and thread.

Step 3

Lightly press the AWK unit to the beginning of the threads. Turn the unit 2-3 rev. by hand, ensure that you don’t twist the AWK top cap.

Step 4

Use a torque wrench with a 32mm socket to tighten the top cap to 26Nm.
Note: a part of a (tin) plastic bag between socket and AWK nut protect the black anodised surface.

Step 5

Before you pressurize the fork you can adjust the orientation of the blue anodised valve head (clockwise only!), use a 24 mm wrench.
Note: due to higher construction height a collision check between frame and AWK is required!
Note: do not change the valve head orientation when main air chamber is pressurized. This could result in damage to the AWK Unit!

Step 6

The AWK pressure will be calculated as follows:

(Body weight [kg] -12%) x 2 = AWK chamber pressure [psi]
Body weight [kg] -12% = main air chamber pressure [psi]

1. Pressurize the AWK chamber (marked with a circle) according to the pressure calculation above.

2. Pressurize the main air chamber (the unlabeled valve) according to the pressure calculation above.

Note: A pressure difference between AWK chamber and main air chamber greater than 160 psi is not permitted! Do not exceed 185 psi in the AWK chamber!

Fine-tuning the main air chamber pressure:

Adjust the SAG to 20-26% to identify the final main air chamber pressure.

Fine-tuning AWK  air chamber pressure:

The best pressure ratio between AWK chamber and main air chamber is 

1.9-2.3 for 160 mm travel
1.85-2.2 for 170 mm travel
1.8-2.1 for 180mm travel.

Step 7

Threads the air valve caps on both valves.

Note: operation without air valve caps is not allowed!


After 10 hours of riding check the main chamber and AWK chamber pressure.
After 150-200 hours of riding/annually visually inspect, clean/grease the AWK internal parts as described below.

Note: muddy, wet and dusty conditions can shorten the service intervals!